Why you should never buy your car insurance on a Saturday... how my quest to get cheaper cover revealed insurers' tricks

November 16, 2016 | 5years | Insurance News

Car insurance tricks can add substantially to costs, our search revealed

Have you been hit by inexplicable vehicle insurance price hikes? We have

Prices move 'from hour to hour depending on market fluctuations'

Check MOT papers to review your annual mileage and adjust accordingly

Share driving with an experienced family member? Adding them could impact on the level of risk you pose and reduce premiums

A few weeks ago, I received my annual car insurance renewal quote.

As a young and fairly new driver — I'm 25 and passed my test in August 2014 — I expect to pay a little extra to potter about in my ten-year-old Vauxhall Corsa.

Even though I take pride in driving safely, I know insurers worry that inexperienced motorists pose a greater risk on the road.

But at £949, my renewal quote seemed particularly steep this time. It was £58 more than last year — yet there didn't seem to be any reason for the increase.

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