A job change could invalidate your car insurance policy

November 5, 2015 | 7years | Insurance News

If you have changed your job recently or been promoted at work, you might be one of the many drivers on the road that do not have valid insurance.

Over half of UK drivers (60%) are unknowingly at risk of driving without valid car insurance because they have not notified their insurer about a change in job details, new research by uSwitch has revealed.

What many British drivers fail to realise is that occupation is one of the important factors taken into consideration by insurers when setting premiums.

By failing to notify your insurer about a job change could lead to the policy being invalid and any claims being declined.

However, the research found that four in ten drivers (41%) are unaware that it is their responsibility to inform their insurer about a change to their job details.

It is not just the lack of awareness preventing Brits from updating their car insurance policy, uSwitch said.

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