Can your car insurance cope with Christmas?

December 11, 2015 | 5years | Insurance News

Chances are that your Christmas shopping is now in full swing, and that means you're likely to start packing lots of goodies into your car, either for safekeeping or to take home after a well-earned break in a nearby café. But does your car insurance stretch far enough to protect all of your Christmas gifts?

Booty in the boot

Research from M&S Bank reveals that, on average, festive shoppers will make at least three trips to buy Christmas presents and food. This means that a great deal of expensive items will be loaded up into your car, with the main shopping trip for presents expected to put a vehicle's contents at approximately £286.

However, the research found that 42% of respondents will be putting their precious shopping at risk from thieves by leaving it unattended in their car. Twenty-seven percent of those questioned said that they will take gifts back to their car in between shops to reduce the amount they have to carry round, while another 8% will use their car as a storage space while they enjoy a rest in a restaurant or cinema. Seven percent also said that they will keep some presents in the car once they get home to keep them hidden from friends and family.

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