Why that 2p in your purse could be worth £1,400: The valuable coins that can turn up in your change... and the red herrings to watch out for

September 13, 2016 | 6years | NEWS AND INTEREST

A handful of special versions of everyday coins are worth much more

The silver 10p-sized 2p is worth a staggering £1,400

But red herrings abound including the £2 coin worth.... £2

We reveal the ordinary-looking coins that are actually worth a lot

Next time you're given a handful of change in a shop, stop and look before chucking it back in your purse or throwing it into a jar at home.

Earlier this year, a 2p coin sold for almost £1,400 at auction because it was silver instead of copper.

While you'll need to be very lucky indeed to find a silver 2p piece, there are other more common coins that could be worth more than you think.

Here's a guide to the valuable coins that can turn up in your change . . .

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