The Moneywise guide to a having a very thrifty Christmas

December 1, 2016 | 6years | NEWS AND INTEREST

Moneywise editor Moira O’Neill trawls through the Moneywise archives to find the best tips for a low-cost Christmas.

Secret Santa

An increasingly popular way to slash the cost of buying gifts is to organise a ‘Secret Santa’. Simply put everyone’s name into a hat, and the name you pull out is the person you buy a gift for. You agree how much to spend, then everyone gets together to exchange presents – half the fun is guessing who bought what for whom.

Joint gifts

To cut the cost of buying for family friends without feeling stingy, consider buying a joint gift for the entire family rather than individual presents for parents and kids. A game or puzzle is a good idea, or you could put together a festive hamper that everyone can enjoy.

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