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Planning ahead with Wills & Trusts

Financial Services Scotland Ltd work in partnership with WW&J McClure Solicitors to protect your hard-earned assets.

WW&J McClure is a long established firm of solicitors with years of expertise in Estate Planning. They are one of the few Nation-wide legal firms, authorised and regulated in Scotland as well as in England and Wales. They are dedicated to providing top quality legal services and their approach is professional, modern and client-friendly.

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Power of Attorney

FACT: Everyone over the age of 50 should have a Power of Attorney.

People are living longer but this means that more people are reaching a stage where they can't handle their own affairs. If this were to happen to you, your family could face slow and expensive court proceedings.

A Power of Attorney solves the problem. You simply decide who you want to take charge of your affairs when you are no longer able and we will do the rest.


If you don’t have a Will, the Law decides what happens to your possessions when you die. If you have no Will or an out of date one your loved-ones could face undue hassle, delay, additional expense and ultimately they may lose out. Write an up-to-date Will with us to ensure:

  • The people you want to inherit are the people who DO inherit
  • Your family are not left with a mess to sort out
  • You choose the Executor you wish to oversee the winding up of your estate
  • You help to protect your assets for you, your family and the future
  • You minimise family arguments and fall-outs


Used in conjunction with your Will & Power of Attorney, a ‘Family Protection Trust’ will help to ensure that your assets pass on to your chosen beneficiaries after your death and that your Trustees can distribute your Estate without incurring unnecessary expense and having to follow complicated legal procedures. Benefits of a Family Protection Trust:

  • Executory costs can be avoided 

Any assets held within the Trust do not require passing through the normal Executory procedure in the Courts thus avoiding these often complicated and costly procedures.

  • Beneficiaries inherit when it suits them

It’s difficult to predict what situation your children will be in at your time of death. A Family Protection Trust can hold the beneficiaries assets until it suits that person to receive them

  • Inheritance Tax problems are solved

Allow your beneficiaries to gain from your estate without adding it to their estate for inheritance tax.

  • Avoid unwanted claims on your estate

In Scotland all children and at times your grandchildren have a legal right to a share of your estate. If you have alternative plans for your estate a Trust can avoid this.

  • Avoid sideways disinheritance

When one partner dies the other would usually inherit the entire joint estate. If the surviving partner then re-marries there is a real risk that the estate will then pass on to the new partner and their family, by-passing and effectively disinheriting the original family members.
With a Family Protection Trust you can have complete peace of mind that after your death family and loved-ones will receive your legacy and all its benefits without any stressful and costly processes. 
Some of the products/services shown above are not regulated or may not be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

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