Hang on to your £50s. There aren’t many of them about

September 20, 2016 | 6years | NEWS AND INTEREST

We have written a great deal over the last year about how and why the world’s central bankers would like to ban cash. I won’t go into the reasons for that again here.

But the launch of the new £5 note led me to think about when we might see our other notes being reissued as polymer notes. So I went to look on the Bank of England website, where I found a timetable for the launch of a new £10 note and for a new £20 note. But not one for the launch of a new £50 note.


Then this morning I had a chat with Adam Fergusson – the brilliant author of When Money Dies and one of the speakers I am most looking forward to hearing at the upcoming MoneyWeek conference. Had I noticed, he said, that so far this year no £50 notes have been printed at all? I had not.

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