What does the plunging pound mean for Britons?

October 7, 2016 | 6years | NEWS AND INTEREST

From skiing holidays to airport bureaux de change and pensioners abroad, the fall in sterling is having a major impact

The pound is worth less than €1 at airport bureaux de change, hitting holidaymakers hard, sending the cost of a skiing break into the stratosphere and shrinking pension incomes for expats in Spain, but making Britain a bargain basement destination for tourists.
Bureaux de change

At Southend airport on Friday morning, Moneycorp was offering holidaymakers €0.97 for each £1, while at Heathrow and Birmingham airport, the best on offer was just a smidgen over parity with the euro, at €1.004. In November 2015, the peak market rate for sterling was €1.425 to the pound; although holidaymakers would not have enjoyed such a rate, spending abroad is now costing Britons 15-20% more than before the Brexit vote.

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